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Auditors vs. admins

As security becomes more and more important each day, there is a need for the IT community to understand the differences between auditors and administrators. The reason we need to keep these different job roles separate is that they are completely different. Auditors Auditors have two primary functions. First, auditors are responsible for ensuring the […]

Windows 10 Hits ​3rd Cumulative Update

As I write this post, Windows 10 has only been available for 20 days. Unfortunately, we are up to the third update for Windows 10! Does this mean you need to hold off in installing or purchasing it? I think not! Yes, that‘ is right. Derek Melber is suggesting you investigate Windows 10, even though there are so many updates already. […]

Protecting Active Directory From the JASBUG Vulnerability

We live in a very dynamic and unfriendly environment with computers and the JASBUG vulnerability proves that. This new exploit is not all that sophisticated, but is a very large problem for every Active Directory installation. The JASBUG vulnerability hijacks the NetLogon and SMB requests that clients and servers make during the Group Policy background […]