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Active Directory Alerting: Apples vs. Sour Cream

I know the title is a bit odd! However, I tried to come up with some items that were really different to make my point about different approaches to Active Directory alerting. Based on my tours around the world, Active Directory admins typically want to track and get immediate alerts on key changes that occur […]

Securing Active Directory: Group Membership Alerts

In our last installment, I showed you how you can analyze the current status of all of your groups that have elevated privileges. After you analyze your groups and ensure that only the correct users have elevated privileges, you then need to keep tabs on these groups to ensure that the group membership does not […]

PowerShell Local User Management vs. Free GUI Local User Management

Microsoft has updated its PowerShell local user management commands. You can find them at https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PowerShell-Module-to-255637a3. As you can see, you have the ability to control local users in many ways using the following commands: Disable-LocalUser Enable-LocalUser Get-LocalUser New-LocalUser Remove-LocalUser Rename-LocalUser Granted, these commands can be useful and, in some cases, a life saver for managing […]

Securing Active Directory: Analyzing Group Membership

Part of securing Active Directory is ensuring that the groups that have privileges have the correct members. Of course, obtaining the members of a group is not all that hard. What is difficult is to know which groups have elevated privileges, as well as obtaining the group membership iteratively. Below, I’ll show you how to easily […]